Berks Veterinary Ultrasound, LLC

Helping Your Veterinarian Help Your Pet

Jason E. Tomes, DVM                                                                  Reading, PA

• Diagnostic Ultrasound (Abdominal, Thoracic, and "Small Part")
• Cardiology and Cardiac Ultrasound (echocardiography)
• Ultrasound Guided Biopsies
•For Dogs and Cats, Performed at Your Veterinarian's Office

Ultrasound of neckBerks Veterinary Ultrasound is a mobile veterinary ultrasound practice for dogs, cats, and pocket pets. Based out of the Reading, PA area, Dr. Tomes brings the ultrasound equipment to your veterinarian's office where the study is perfomed. Results are usually available immediately, and you will be contacted either by your veterinarian or Dr. Tomes to discuss the findings, various options, and recommendations. The final plan will always be made with you and your pet's best interest in mind.

Ultrasound examination and interpretation is a highly specialized service. It takes hundreds of hours of classes and scanning to become proficient, keep up with the latest advances, and learn new techniques. In addition, the equipment used is expensive. Thus, few practices can justify the time and cost required to excel at this medical discipline. By sharing this service with many practices, however, your pet can receive, at a reasonable cost to you, an ultrasound exam by an experienced veterinarian whose practice is limited to ultrasound.

Currently we offer our services to patients of the following hospitals, and it is best to schedule through their office:

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